Governor Stirling Senior High School

The new Governor Stirling Senior High School Redevelopment in Woodbridge replaces the existing school with a modern facility that is both comfortable and inspiring for occupants and users and presents a contextual and site specific contemporary image.

The design provides an adaptable facility that caters for the current education program and future changes in education delivery methods and organizational structures, accommodating a school population of 1000 students, Years 8-12.

A combination of two storey buildings massed together under a single roof, create a cloistered compact plan overlooking the river. This built form provides unity and a distinctive identity to create a civic presence for the school complex. The two-storey entry foyer/ gallery connecting the Administration and Performing Arts is located adjoining the river to provide the visitor an appreciation of the unique river setting upon arrival and provides an uplifting and welcoming public face to the school.

The design maximizes the relationship between building and river and the surrounding context to create a sense of place. The ground and first floor presents a permeable mass around a central main space divided into three courtyards. Views between the buildings connect the courtyards to the surrounding context in all directions.